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Learn how 1000s of people are making the move online with a digital business.( 2020)

Hello! Its incredible to see you here!

Owning a profitable, award winning, executive & professional search firm for over 10 yrs, exposed me to 100s of organizations, comp plans and corporate cultures...

When introduced to this brand, I saw the opportunity to be on trend, sustainable and fun!

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The Global Economy is Booming!

Align yourself with a growing brand, with products on trend through the best distribution chanel

Health & Wellness is a 4.3 Trillion Dolllar Industry (statistica2021)
Digital Commerce is a 4.2 Trillion Dollar Industry (statistica2021)
Subscription based products and services is a 229 Billion Dollar Industry (bloomberg2021)
Direct Sales is a 179 Billion Dollar Industry (DSA2020).

The Affiliate Marketing Industry is expected to grow to 12 Billion dollars in 2022 (statistica2022)

Who I work with:

Someone who:
  • is Coachable
  • has a Positive Mindset
  • is Open to Learning
  • is Ready to Grow

With my effort, I was able to grow to the top 1% of my brand!
Let's work together and have fun building a life you have always envisioned for yourself.

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If you want to work with Reema, her team is built around values of inclusion and diversity. With some of the best sales systems and tools to help you build a sustainable business.

Work with Reema with our link sharing program!

Join Reema and learn about how you can earn from product sales made through your personal link shared on your blog, site or your social.

Work with Reema to incorporate a business model seamlessly within your clinic, gym or spa!

Reema specializes in working with established appointment based businesses with an earning opportunity that complements what you already do.

What People are saying:


“Reema has a unique talent in making you feel you are capable and worthy. If you want to be in the right place mentally, Reema is the absolute best leader and mentor to align yourself with. I have learned so much from her, and could not be more grateful that we connected 9 years ago.”

Sheela Malik Health Coach & ERVP

“I have worked with reema since 2014 . She is the most inspiring leader I have ever worked with. Her ideas and reinvention of how to work a business is incredible. She leads with her heart. She can make any business work and work well with any lifestyle someone may have. I would definitely recommend her, I honestly believe it would be a a shame if someone doesn't get the opportunity to meet & work with this beautiful soul.”

Craig Sharpe Singer / Salon Owner

“I have been on Reema's team for 9 yrs which has been the best years in my business.
I have learned from her how to work patiently, and find positives in every situation, even the upsetting ones. She showed me how I can stand up for myself. She’s a unique leader who always wants the best for her team. An extraordinary gem & everyone would be so lucky to meet her and have her as a mentor”

Homa Vossoughi Finance

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